Women's ministries

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God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved.  God will help her when morning dawns”.  Psalm 46:5

God is with women always, even in the most difficult of times. He is here to support us and bring strength for the new day. The mission of Calvary Community Church’s Women’s Ministries is to arouse and deepen our love for God and his Holy Word, and to unite through ever-growing fellowship.

Participating in Women’s Ministries allows many opportunities to use our God-given gifts in our church, enjoy fellowship with sisters in Christ, and feel God’s love firsthand as He works here at Calvary Community Church of Fullerton.

Women’s Ministires Director: Sharon Walters | (714) 742-2928 | shlwalters@gmail.com

Friday Morning
Bible Study

Friday 9:30am (September through May),  in the Fellowship House.

Fellowship and Outreach

We have a variety of opportunities throughout the year for women to fellowship with one another such as:  Ladies Night out for dinners, desserts, game nights, Book Club/Movie.

Ladies' Retreat

The Pacific Southwest District Women’s Ministries will be revisiting the idea of holding annual retreats once again as soon as 2023.

There has been an annual Christmas event held each December.

Women’s Ministries doesn’t only keep our women connected, we also participate actively in the congregation and in the daily operations of the church. If you are interested in contributing, don’t hesitate to contact one of us!