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“Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens?” –Isaiah 40:12

The mission of Calvary Women’s Ministries is to arouse and deepen our love for God and His Holy Word, and to unite us into an ever-increasing fellowship. We have many opportunities for women to study the Bible, fellowship with one another, and serve in our congregation. Below is a list of what we are currently doing.


  • Friday Morning Bible Study: every Friday 9:30 AM at church (in the Fellowship House).


We have a variety of opportunities throughout the year for women to fellowship with one another such as: monthly Coffee Club, dinner nights, dessert nights, and game nights.

  • Annual Ladies Retreat: once a year in the spring. This past year’s retreat, “His Unfolding Grace – Making New Life,” was April 8-10 at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Murrieta Hot Springs, CA.
  • Every December, we have Christmas with Friends, where we visit a variety of homes decorated in the spirit of Christmas and conclude the evening with a dinner and auction to raise funds for Women’s Ministries.
  • Every other year we have a larger event, where we encourage our women to bring friends. The event focuses on a particular Bible verse, provides an opportunity for greater fellowship, and is a fundraiser for Women’s Ministries.

Women’s Ministries doesn’t only keep our women connected, but we are also a backbone to the overall congregation. Women’s Ministries perform many “behind the scenes” tasks that help Calvary run, such as:

  • Service Ministries: communion preparation, wedding planning, anniversaries recognition, nursery and child care for Sunday service and special events, flowers
  • Outreach: hospitality, patio refreshments, meals on wheels, mission projects

Being a part of Women’s Ministries allows you to use your God given gifts, enjoy fellowship with sisters in Christ, and feel God’s love working at Calvary. If you have any questions about our Women’s Ministries, please contact Sharon Walters

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